Cosmetic Taboo…

While I was perusing Facebook recently, and was surprised to see Facebook flaming by adult women, so I am compelled to rant about it.

It seems that there was a local cosmetic dermatologist who simply posted his “valentines day specials” on his Facebook page and the first commenter called him “disgusting” and a “medical practice prostitute”. There were also 2 other commenters, one stating that “cosmetic dermatology is for those who think they aren’t good enough to be loved”; and the last stating that these types are services are frivolous. She stated “I would rather spend my money on my children and those who are in a hell of a lot more need”.

Reading these comments irritated me. Who are these women to judge what OTHERS are doing with their money and their time?  Why is it ok for these adults to do “cyber-bullying” and imply that anyone who has these types of treatments be placed under a “frivolous/shallow” umbrella?

Please understand, I am not offended because I know who I am, and I don’t take these comments personally towards me.  I am quite secure in my vanity, yet I am bothered by this because there may be women out there that need an extra “nudge” to feel extra confident.  These women may be absolutely fabulous already, but just a little more may make them FEEL that way.  Just like any other industry, I have dealt with many nice people in the industry, and a very few who were just mean. Some of the clientele I have encountered included political figures, philanthropists, life coaches…you name it, I have met them.

I have seen young girls who were desperately trying to control their acne (which IS considered a medical condition-and some of the treatments considered cosmetic), as well as socialites who wanted to “look their best”.  All types of people seek out these services.  The whole idea of these things being only for the rich and famous are no longer true.  Most of the patients I have encountered are normal, everyday people.  It is almost like getting their nails done or getting a facial.  Botox for example, can cost as little at $150-195 for 4-6 months.  It isn’t totally outrageous – I see face creams for that much, and a facial from an esthetician can cost the same.

SHAME on these commenters for judging people just for having any “cosmetic services” done.  I looked at their Facebook photos, and these women wore make-up.  Isn’t THAT cosmetic as well?  Is it justified because she may have purchased her lipstick at Walgreens for $7.99 instead of Macy’s for $25.00?  Have these women never waxed their eyebrows, or gotten a facial, or paint their nails?  If their daughter was depressed because of a deformity of having one size “C” breast, and another size “A” breast, would they preach to her to just “get over it”?

What is it with these women judging others for spending their own money on themselves?  Why not boycott Louis Vuitton or Gucci for creating high quality expensive bags – or is that OK because it isn’t a cosmetic treatment?

So…to the cyber bullies that said:

this field is “disgusting” : Don’t wear any cosmetics, no lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, etc.  Practice what you preach.

“cosmetic dermatology is for those who think they aren’t good enough to be loved” :

Just because maybe YOU don’t feel loved, doesn’t mean that others don’t. I have a bunch of stuff done, and I am very loved by my friends, family, and children.  Even if I didn’t do this stuff, they would still love me – and I know it.

“I would rather spend my money on my children and those who are in a hell of a lot more need” :

Good for you.  Why judge another for spending THEIR money on what THEY want?  What if they have enough money to do both and aren’t “choosing” between children and cosmetic services?

That’s the end of my rant.  I don’t do cyber bullying.  I have kids and want to teach them LOVE not HATE.  Shame on these cyber-bullying women.  Why should cosmetic services be so taboo?  It’s disappointing to see society this way.


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