Trend Alert: Thigh Gaps…

thighmasterIt seems that there is a new craze about “thigh gaps”.  I guess Suzanne Sommers had the idea ALL the way back in the early 90’s!  I guess it took 20 years for the fad to truly catch on.

Thigh Gaps?  I am talking about the inner thigh’s not touching when a woman is standing.  I first saw these procedures posted on a Korean Plastic Surgery Blog, and thought that it was a “Korean” trend.  It sure looks like the trend has now reached the States and this body contouring procedure seems quite popular!

Of course, there are also women who are doing it naturally with diet and exercise, but for the ones who can’t achieve the look naturally, they are seeking out Plastic Surgeons for a little help.  The results look quite successful as the women who seem to be seeking this procedure look quite healthy already, with only a little help for “body contouring”.  I was curious on how others felt about this procedure.  Do men (and women) find this attractive or odd?   I don’t yet have an opinion on this trend (I know, hard to believe)!

… I don’t have a thigh gap…maybe I could start a NEW trend…how about thigh claps?  That would be much easier for me to do!  har-har-har!


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