UV Light’s and those gel nails! Cancer friend or foe?

LED lampYes, cyber friends, I have neglected this blog for a few months..shame on me!  Here’s a little something I wanted to share, though.

We ladies love our pretty nails, our manicures, and pampering ourselves.  A few years ago, many of us would have our nails done only to have our nail polish chip off a few days later.  Bummer, right?

…and then came “soak-off nail polish”, and may I say, they were (and are) extremely popular since they last for TWO WEEKS!  There is a concern about how they dry, though.

For the Gel nailed ladies out there (Shellac/Gelish), have you ever wondered about the UV lamp that you stick your hands in to to set the gel?  Ever wonder if that is linked to skin cancer?  If you haven’t, you may want to.  According to this article, some dermatoligists are concerned about the potential risks to prolonged use of these lamps.

May I please say that there IS a solution, though!  High(er) end nail salons are now offering LED Lamps in lieu of the old UV lamp technology.  Since these lamps cost over $300 each (as opposed to a $35 UV Lamp), not many salons have invested in them yet.

Now that I am aware of this new technology, I only go to salons that use them.  I have found a great salon in my area that uses it and she is now my “go-to” spot.  I must say that the experience is much more enjoyable since I know that I’m not sticking my hand in to a “cancer light”.

…I mean, years ago cigarettes weren’t harmful either, right?


Look for a salon that offers LED Lamps in lieu of the UV ones…you can thank me later.  🙂


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